How to setup whonix gateway a transparent proxy ?


i am trying to use the whonix gateway as a tranparent proxy since 4 days and i dont know what i can do any more.

i used torberry on a raspberrypi a torgateway and this configuration send all traffic ( ping, ssh dns, http, everthing ) throught the tor networ, so i can use ervery OS and everry protokoll in the tor vm connected to the raspberrypi tor router.

this configuration i want to use in a virtual tor gateway router. i treid so many how tos but no one works and i dont know why ?! i use linux since 2006 and i am an linux system admin so its terrorfiing me that nothing works. my iptables skills are basic not advanced.

can any one show me a step by step how to how i can setup a 100% tor router based on debian ?

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not sure wether I’ve understood what you want. If you’d like to simply create your own Workstation with any OS you see fit, please regard this: Anonymize Other Operating Systems

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Whonix documentation is up to date. If instructions do not work as
expected, then there is no shortcut to the problem solution.

You need to post a link to the instructions you followed. And describe
in sufficient detail what exactly went wrong.

Free Support for Whonix ™ applies.

We then try to help you sort it out writing back and forth. However,
there cannot be a shortcut.