How to setup a different browser

Much has changed with whonix. Is there any documentation on how to setup a different browser or any other software that wants to connect through the gateway?

Using browsers other than Tor Browser is not recommended.

Almost any application can be torified.

Custom Whonix-Workstations are also possible.

Ok. Looks like I need to read this:

Let’s assume I install a fresh and clean debian/arch whatever and want the browser within to connect through the whonix gateway.

What ist the path to get it to work? What config files, programs are involved etc. ?

Just telling the browser to use as socks proxy doesnt seem to work.

I’m not really deep into tor. Still at a point where I ask what exactly the TorControlPort is.

UWT Wrapper, systemd-sockets, tor control port… :smiley:

thanks for sharing.

Only following Anonymize Other Operating Systems is required.

Should work out of the box even without any proxy settings.