How to send Gateway Vbox NAT Traffic to non-default network interface

The default interface that all traffic passes through on my linux box is: eno1 with an ip of I also have a wireless interface at wlx9cefd5fd0db7 with ip

In NAT network configuration (default on Whonix Gateway) all the traffic from my VM passes through the Vbox NAT engine and gets pushed to the default interface eno1. How can I change it so the traffic gets pushed to my wireless interface instead?

My reason for doing this is that all traffic on the 192.168.1.xxx subnet gets pushed through a vpn at the router and I want to avoid that. The wireless interface is connected to the 192.1.2.xxx subnet.

The vbox documentation leads me to believe this is possible using:
"vboxmanage modifyvm “vm-name” --natbindip1 "
but I can’t get it to work.

Is their something I’m missing here?

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