How to run Telegram Messenger on Whonix 15 XFCE??

I downloaded the tar file for Linux on the official website Telegram, unpacked it but I can’t start the client.

Failed to execute child process “/home/user/Downloads/Telegram/Telegram” (No such file or directory).

On Whonix 14 KDE I didn’t have that problem. I did the same action and the client started. What could be the problem??

Does not look like Whonix specific issue. Should be “same as on Debian buster”. https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Free_Support_Principle applies.

Thanks for the reply. I have two virtual machines WHONIX WORKSTATION. One I updated from version 14 KDE to 15 XFCE version using the terminal and the user manual. After the update I got two DE - KDE and XFCE. The Telegram runs on both.
But I decided to download the new 15 version WHONIX from WHONIX site and configure the new machine and in the new virtual machine the Telegram did not get to run. During startup the client always appears an error window.

Failed to execute child process “/home/user/Downloads/Telegram/Telegram” (No such file or directory).

There’s no need to mess with tar files. Telegram is in the Debian repos. Run

sudo apt-get install telegram-desktop
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Likely because you needed to compile it or do some other things.

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