How to run many workstations?

I would like to run one Whonix Gateway and two or more Whonix Workstations / Other Operating Systems. But after studying network settings on Whonix Workstation and reading this Anonymize Other Operating Systems, I’ve noticed that Whonix Workstation uses the hardcoded IP address, while for other operating system the hardcoded IP address is recommended by the wiki.

So my question is:

  • if I want to run a second/third/etc Whonix Workstation, what network setting does it need?
  • same question for second/third/etc Other Operating System

Basically, I need to run a few of Whonix Workstations / Other Operating Systems through one single instance of Whonix Gateway at the same time. Does the wiki have a guide for doing this?

Hi Segalla

To my knowledge there is no Multiple Whonix-Workstation Other OS wiki page. However, there is a wiki page on Multiple Whonix-Workstations. You will have to adjust the network settings for the OS you are using.

Also, you can look for information on the forum search engine. There are multiple threads on the subject and you may find them helpful.



Those IP addresses are completely arbitrary. IIUC since the network has a netmask of over, that means you can use any IP address in the / 18 range (meaning to except for the gateway’s address ( I’ve only ever tested IPs in / 24. There may be blockers elsewhere, like in the firewall (unlikely).

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