how to reuse circuit for curl?

I want to access an account whose session is bound to the IP. If I use tor-browser it works adequately. using curl I can only login but the next request will use another Exit node.
Is there a way to prevent that for this specific purpose?

Disabling stream isolation for curl might help a bit but not fully solve this. See:

export UWT_DEV_PASSTHROUGH="1" curl ...


curl.anondist-orig curl ...

Other than that:

You could consider to resolve this as per

  1. check how to do that using Tor without use of Whonix
  2. then you might be able to replicate that using Tor in Whonix

thanks for the quick response.
What do you mean by “but not fully”? The curl.anondist-orig version seems to do what is needed?

If I read correctly the request will go through the TransPort - would an adequate solution be creating a new socks port with a long circuit time dedicated to that login purpose?

Because Tor will still keep changing Tor circuits as Tor is usually doing as per Tor defaults defined by The Tor Project


potential search engine search term:

Tor keep same circuit