How to repurpose a clone of whonix-gateway-17 to sys-i2p?

Can someone write a guide on achieving this? What I have in mind is broadly:

  1. a template (whonix-i2p-gateway-17), and a service qube (sys-i2p) mirroring the functionality of whonix-gateway-17 and sys-whonix, but for i2p network routing.

  2. sys-i2p should run i2pd as its i2p router. Any other qubes that use it as their net qube should be able to route any and all network connections through the i2p network, or be dropped. The dropped connections should belong to the any and all daemons, programs, etc., that lives under debian-12-xfce and might try to make a connection to a remote website/resource/etc. sys-i2p should not allow any connection leak to the non-i2p destinations.

  3. Let’s say I have an app qube called i2p-browser in which I run a firefox-esr browser. When I designate sys-i2p as the i2p-browser qube’s net qube, I should be able to browse i2p eepsites on firefox-esr inside the i2p-browser qube, provided that I manually make the proxy settings for firefox-esr (http proxy set to, etc.)

The benefit of such a sys-i2p would be

  1. an i2p router constantly running in the background as part of the QubesOS 4.2, which helps route others’ encrypted and anonymized packages, and support the i2p network

  2. provide a “warmed up” and ready to use i2p router whenever a user might spawn a dispXXXX qube to browse i2p network

  3. provide a “warmed up” and ready to use i2p router whenever a user might turn on his i2p-torrents app qube, which runs qbittorrent 4.6.3 and do torrent seeding/leeching over the i2p network.

My computer networks knowledge is not ennough for me to bring this idea to a reality. Therefore I am asking for help on guidance, writing a guide, from the more proficient users of qubes-whonix and i2p.

Highly unlikely that this will happen just because asking in some places.

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