How to put the proxy software in a separate VM?

I have been searching around the forum, and entr0py said can achieve this by simply creating another VM to run the proxy software on and provide Whonix Gateway with a proxy. It’s exact what I want, I guess it’s about iptables, nat, DNS, so on…I don’t know more than that, what’s these simple commands, options and parameters, configurations exactly like?

Hi ciocleaw

As entr0py mentioned this comes with a level of difficulty. The easiest way to achieve this is to use Qubes OS. To find out if your hardware supports Qubes OS.

Hardware compatibility list (HCL) | Qubes OS

If your hardware does not support Qubes you can create separate VM in VirtualBox. Preferably Debian OS.

Then learn how to set up a proxy in the Debian VM using search engines. Remember this is for advances users so this will likely require more research to get this functioning properly.

After you have a functional proxy, use information found in the following to set up proxy in Whonix.

  • forum search engine
  • Whonix wiki
  • other search engines
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sudo -u tunnel /path/to/executable

Ask me for password, how to do.

Hi cliocleaw

I should have been clearer on the steps needed.

Setting up a proxy in another VM is not Whonix specific and can be sourted out as per:


  1. Create a Debian OS Virtual Machine

  2. Learn how to configure a proxy in the new VM. Note: not Whonix specific.

  3. Once proxy in Debian VM is configured, set up Whonix-Gateway to use the poxy VM

Instructions in the wiki for:

User -> proxy -> Tor -> Internet

Are for setup inside Whonix-Gateway not inside separate VM. What instructions are you using?

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