How to make whonix ask for my password at start?

I want an additional layer of security, when someone boots / restarts whonix in my VM the OS should ask for password while starting (like ubuntu or other distros), how can i do that?
in my case this would a necessary option.

Welcome to Whonix forums and thank you for your question.

Disabling autologin is documented here, though a bit sparse:

Note, that’s not encryption. Related:

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With KVM there’s also a feature to encrypt VM images on the system. Untested by me. Try it and report back with usage steps and I’ll include them in the wiki:

You can also create portable containers using Veracrypt or LUKS ones with zuluCrypt and stick the image in there. NB you need to take some precautions like disabling coredump, swap file and so on to avoid leaks of VM contents to disk during operations.

You should have FDE on the host as a basic protection anyway. These steps above are for extra layers, but nothing beats FDE.


i checked that directory mentioned in that wiki there is mo file called whonix.conf there are other 2 file called autologin.conf and whonix-autologin.conf
which file should i remove?

Edit : i figured it out i commented the inner lines of whonix-autologin.conf with #

thanks for the info i will try that out.

Wiki documentation should be sufficient. Otherwise please try looking at the config files. The names and contents are as far that is possible chosen to make things as easy, customizable as possible. For example, a config file named autologin will probably never receive other critical settings which are totally off-topic.