How to make our own tor2web/to/ (tor gataway)?


many people can have problem with ISP or school/library network admin, they can abolish our Tor or VPN connection (for example is always abolished for me but not if I use their obfsproxies), or they can make bigger problem because we use it, so, I got idea, it would be good to have own/trusted tor2web server.
I think 64MB RAM VPS would be good for that, but many hosting companies today give 128MB for 10 or 15 bucks per year.

I think we can believe only to ourselves, so, I can’t believe to tor2web or .to or I don’t know who they are and even if I know, again, it is better to believe only to yourself.

tor2web has explanation ([url=][/url]) how to add your server/node to their network, but I am interested for instruction from internet that can allow us to make our own proxy as Tor gateway.

I want to use it for myself, it would not be public, therefore maybe I would not need even domain than just IP address of server.

in that way, we could not be blocked by admins/ISP anymore. we could visit onion without to run tor and if proxy is in your hand, logically you will not be tracked by admin of proxy.

connected question would be also: tutorial how to make your own obfsproxy 3? I don’t think torproject gave good instructions, they make always fast small tutorials and only professionals understand it.

why I should believe to their obfsproxies instead to make my own? tutorial is short even for hidden service, I didn’t see there any detailed instruction for making our own obfsproxy. I think I should make 3 small servers (64MB RAM should be enough?) with obfs3 proxies and use it in my tor browser bundle to access onion websites. it is the same schema like gateway, just it is about running TBB with own obfs 3. I hope 3 nodes would be enough to make connection.
but obviously, gateway server is cheaper option than many obfs servers and maybe even more secure. with gateway, you don’t need TBB on your computer.
so, for me personally, tutorial about gateway is more important than tutorial about obfsproxy. but I think there should be tutorials for the both things.

I found this but it is again making tor2web and participating in their network and not your own tor gateway:

as I see they use python to make tor2web.

all this belong to them (.lu and .to and tor2web are the same people: aaron schwartz domain and DNS Server, WildCard Certificate sponsored thanks to Torservers, Tor2web 3.0 and 2.0 software by Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights):
* (3 servers)
* (1 server)
* (1 server)
* (1 server)
* (1 server)
* (1 server)
* (1 server)

they wrote also “donate server” but 4GB RAM preferred, I thought tor gateway is proxy that can run on some small server:
RAM: 2GB (4GB preferred)

my conclusion, I hope I am wrong:
we have 2 choices:

  1. to install their tor2web on our server and become part of their network
  2. to pay python programmers to make new tor2web package

General advice: ask one question at a time. Don’t mix up questions about tor 2 web gateways and obfsproxy.


I am not sure what you mean by “make your own obfsproxy”. Probably you just want to host your own server that runs obfsproxy. I think what you’re looking for is called a “private obfuscated (obfsproxy) bridge”. If you use that term, The Tor Project will know what you are talking about. Their instructions on how to set this up can be found here:
Yes, their instructions are complicated. But setting up a server is an advanced task and due to issues, that are not The Tor Project’s fault, they cannot make it much simpler.

The Tor Project is providing free e-mail support. So about on your question “on how to host a private obfsproxy bridge”, they will be able to assist you:

Apart from this, they also have an IRC channel and the tor-talk mailing list. With that help at hand, you should be able to get this working.


About your own server, note: When you don’t physically control that server, i.e. if you just bought it somewhere, then the admin [or any intelligence agencies (not a rare case, see snowden news!) or criminals tapped into that service] of that server can spy on you or worse, manipulate the server to do evil things.


About your tor2web question: I don’t know if it is possible to host your own private tor2web server without modifying tor2web’s source code. I advice to contact tor2web developers (github issues and/or IRC seems most appropriate here to me). Maybe it’s just a question of configuration settings on how to not become part of their tor2web network.

hi, thank you for answer.
yes this is correct name: private obfuscated (obfsproxy) bridge.

I will try to install it today although VPS hosting forbid tor/proxy, but I will delete it fast :slight_smile:
if I don’t succeed, I will ask them for advice.

I will ask also web2tor developers is it possible to use it without to be part of their network.

I know if we rent server/VPS at data center, it can be spied. theoretically I should have basement of house with server inside and door should be bulletproof (The world's most secure front door) so nobody can access server except me. better said, they can open any door when you are not at home, the best option is to have laptop (in a bag) as a server and don’t separate from it even when you take shower :slight_smile: but battery would have to be good.