How to install Windows OS without USB, DVD drive?


My Windows, USB and DVD drive has been broken, Luckily my openSUSE is running normally, how can I re-install Windows at this difficult situation?


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Sorry, but this is neither a Whonix, nor Anonymity specific question. I’d ask this in a general tech-forum, as we are unable to help you with this.

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I knew and I know, I had tried to register reddit, linux-mint, ubuntu, openSUSE, linux forums, I can read their posts, but cannot create account at these sites, can you tell me where is the tor-firendly forums I can register?


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Usually logging into Reddit shouldn’t be a problem. Maybe try reloading the connection. I really don’t know that many “Tor-friendly forums”. Either way, what I may recommend to solve your problem would be to either use one of the USB headers found on your Motherboard via an Adapter (like this one: http://amzn.eu/auOJwpl) or partitioning your HDD with GParted so you may use it to store your Windows-Installer on it, which you may optain from here: https://www.microsoft.com/de-de/software-download/windows7 Sadly Windows 10 has no official .iso files out there, only a Tool to download them for Windows.

Be warned though. Do this wrong and you could loose your openSUSE installation as well.

Otherwise, if you have access, you could always use a secondary PC to put the .iso on a small HDD (small HDD may be optained for almost free via Ebay, etc) and go that route.

Furthermore, I’m affraid to ask what lead to a situation where your PC lacks USB. Did you perhaps try to harden your Notebook?

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There are also nntp newsgroups. [not sure you find a provider that lets
you post anonymously but worth searching for] And irc channels. And
perhaps also mailing lists.


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Yes I’v got Windows 7 image file and I have to Wine Windows tool in Linux to make a bootable USB drive?


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Does USB work now?

Using Wine isn’t really to be recommended in this case. I’d rather use a native program like winusb: https://software.opensuse.org/package/winusb

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What about the fingerprinting of the USB drive, USB drive ID?


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Sorry but could you elaborate? I have no idea what you are talking about. Also, if you are afraid of fingerprinting of any kind, you shouldn’t install Windows at all.

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Re News Servers accepting anonymous connections, news.mixmin.net allows anonymous connections and has access via hidden server as well. Text only. Several Remailers also offer m2n and Anon-Post.