How to install driver Wi-Fi usb EW-7811Dac on Qubes

Hi I’m new to Qubes, I really need some help. Im having this problem, that i cant seem to figure it out. I just brought myself Edimax Wi-Fi usb EW-7811Dac and need help on installing driver and help to configure it. I have follow instruction creating vm usb wifi from this guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFwbQ06h8Qo. So when I start up sys-wifi vm I’m not getting any connection. But when i start up terminal in sys-wifi and type “lsusb” it list the wifi usb stick. If anyone can help me be much appreciate.

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Sorry to say, but this isn’t a Whonix specific question. It’s related to Qubes, so please ask in their respective Forum.

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Sorry my bad.


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