How to increase the space up to 200 GB

By default, when imported into Virtual Box space composes 100 gigibayt dynamic disk. How can I make a 200 gigabyte?

Hi Patrick,

I’m trying to follow that guide to increase the HardDisk Space on my workstation, however when I run

qemu-img resize vmdisk.img +1G

Terminal returns

bash: qemu-img command not found

I’m not sure why this command is not working. I have Debian 10 Buster. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

Also how would I do step 2 (delete snapshots). Will this require a lot configuration to get new snapshots back?


sudo apt install qemu-utils
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That worked to install the command. When I run the qemu-img resize vmdisk.img +1G command now I get:

Could not open ‘vmdisk.img’: Could not open ‘vmdisk.img’ : No such file or directory.

Probably a very noob question, however how can I figure out what the name of the img is? I do not remember renaming it from anything that would be default according to the Whonix for KVM instructions. I tried this command do but it did not work and gave the same error no such file or directory

qemu-img resize Whonix-Workstation*.qcow2 +1G

I realized the name is likely /var/lib/libvirt/images/Whonix-Workstation.qcow2. So I run the command qemu-img resize /var/lib/libvirt/images/Whonix-Workstation.qcow2.

However I now get an error saying could not open permission denied.

Any thoughts on what permissions are required or how to get past this? It seems like it may be related to Apparmor?

Needs to run as root / with sudo. Prepend sudo before your command.

Your issues aren’t Whonix related and could be sorted out as per:
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