How to harden KVM

I am used to Virtualbox, however due to not being open source i’m setup now on KVM.

In virtualbox, I could go through the settings and turn off shared folders, turn off audio, etc. How can I do this, or confirm that this is all turned off in KVM?

thanks in advance, I hope to contribute to this project when my skills allow me to do so.

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Part of the steps but not a specific answer:

The only hardening that I could find is:

Someone else might now other hardening steps if any.

In the virt-manager GUI console go to :
View -> Details
The you’ll see all attached virtual devices in the left pane which you can strip out like Sound. We don;t have shared folders added by default (yet, though this will change with Whonix Host)

As soon as Buster is the new stable, we can now tweak the libvirt version on there to mute microphones fora VM while leaving speaker intact.

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