How to enter bridges in gateway?

How can I enter bridge details in torrc config file? I have some bridges inside host’s Tor browser, but when I enter them manually by hand into whonix-gateway VM’s, Tor client can’t establish communication with network.

you saw this page already?


So I put new obfs3 bridges into gateway’s torrc and it works now. I think old bridge was down, unaccessible or I made an error while typing…
BTW It’s hard to type bridge info into torrc file
lines like

bridge obfs :31337 0a1b2c3d4e5f6a78901223456abcdef

One mistake in that hash and tor won’t start.
Any sollutions?

Not sure. Perhaps copy and paste. Clipboard sharing.

Perhaps we should allow pasting from host into Whonix-Gateway by default in future versions?

Made that also a development discussion:

When you run tor browser in windows first time, setup wizard asks something like “do you have censored connection to the Tor network?”. I simply ask yes, and wizard automatically gets bridges. So, after the wizard ends the setup, I can see 5 bridges in torrc file.
Can you guys add that feature into whonix-gateway setup wizard?

That would be great. We would like to. Got a ticket for that.

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