How to disable some Startup Services to free resources?

This is about Whonix Gateway mostly, and be useful to Workstation too

I try to remove some services from start-up to free some power and mostly kill annoying fan noise about every 30 seconds - with unreliable system slowing - what service it may caused by?

and how to disable some of they? I’d like to know what function these found in Startup Manager and systemctl -

  1. whonixcheck.service - I’d like to manual run this, how safe to disable?
  2. Keyboard Daemon - how safe to disable?
  3. Time Zone - how safe to disable?
  4. Directory Watcher - hangs in Demand Running - not appliable to disable from manager - how to disable (what process name in systemctl etc)?

This page shows how to deactivate whonixcheck along with a few other things. Not sure about the other stuff you asked about.


thanks a lot!