How to deal with CAPTCHA on the Whonix workstation?

In many cases just visiting normal sites I’m presented with the CAPTCHA challenge. It runs different tests, that despite being answered correctly finally results in just an “access denied”.

Sometimes it also complains about not being able to communicate with the recaptcha provider.

Is this a common issue? How can I deal with it? I’m willing to sacrifice some security, such as turning off noscript but I’m not sure if it helps (I still have the problem).

Does anything help?

Hi rob75

This is a common issue when using Tor. You can try bypassing Tor destination website censorship but its not always effective .

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there’s a bit of a “love/hate” relationship between google and tor. recaptcha breaks for periods of time, for whatever excuse, and then goes back to workable again. it’s been broken for me for awhile now. i’ve sent negative feedback. encourage others to do the same. at this point, recaptcha simply causes me to move along which, in the end, is bad for google’s bottom line.