How to connect to Wireguard VPN through Whonix?

I try to connect to Wireguard VPN through Whonix on Windows Whonix Workstation. For this I set on my Windows 7 VirtualBox machine the following network settings:
And this Workstation perfectly browses on the internet.
However, I was unable to ping any site via command line on this machine. Also, I installed and configured WG client properly, but couldn’t connect to my VPN server through Whonix.
How to connect to Wireguard VPN through Whonix?

Documented here just now:
Whonix-Workstation Firewall - Whonix

On wireguard specifically: undocumented.

On VPN generally: See the following introduction documentation.

For UserTorVPNInternet tunnel specifically, see:

One likely cause for the issue could be UDP related:

Note that UDP-style VPN connections are incompatible with Tor; the VPN must be configured to use TCP. [14] To do that, add proto tcp to the VPN configuration file /etc/openvpn/openvpn.conf. Most, but not all VPN providers support this configuration.

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Hi, Patrick, and thank you very much for your detailed answer. Why didn’t I guess that TOR, being TCP style net, will not work over UDP. I followed your link and found:
So possibly in the future Whonix ™ developers will create any tool(s) to combine WG after TOR