How to clear rdp connection history?

How to clear rdp connection history

There is a whonix client and linux server, between them a remote desktop, from whonix to linux. It is necessary to delete after completion of work all connections by rdp in whonix, their traces, history of rdp connections, logs in whonix. How to do it? Where is this information stored? There are a lot of manuals for windows on the Internet and not for whonix / linux.

Also, need to find manual for cleaning story for vnc connections.


In such a case, I would use a disposable Workstation, preferably stored in an encrypted container (which could be even on an external disk/USB if you are really paranoiac) that I would simply destroy after use.


At this time. Might change in future. Stay tuned.

I need more than once using of whonix, so destroying after work is not for me. I need whonix, cause in tails isn’t possible as I know choose nods of tor and I need everytime install rdp-client (remmina) in tails. Or if I will save remmina in persistent in tails, there will be same trouble how in whonix (will save connections by rdp, their traces, history of rdp connections, logs).

You could set up the Workstation to your liking (install rdp-client and any other tools you need) which you will use as a template, and just copy it for temporary use.