How to change circuit from inside whonix-workstation?

I have a typical setup with whonix-gateway in one vm and whonix-workstation in the other. I have googled this problem but was unable to find a solution anywhere: How do I issue a new circuit command to Tor outside the tor browser (preferably via command line)?

I have found an answer on the tor stackexchange to do tor-ctrl newnym.

But whenever I try it, my external IP in tor does not seem to change (though I realize newnym does not guarantee this) and I get this error:
510 Command filtered

It seems to be related to onion-grater, though looking at the default config, it seems like this command is allowed?

Thank you for anybody who can help

In the Whonix-Gateway VM, open the β€œStart Menu / System / Nyx - Status Monitor for Tor”. Type β€œn” for a new circuit. Type β€œq”, and confirm again with β€œq” to quit.
There’s more documentation available here: Control and Monitor Tor

You can also change the circuit with the command tor-ctrl -c 'signal newnym', also in the Whonix-Gateway.

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Works in Whonix-Workstation:
Control and Monitor Tor chapter tor-ctrl in Whonix wiki

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