How set static MAC address in Debian KickSecure host

How does one set and keep the same MAC address after rebooting the host, KickSecure OS?

I have a KVM->KickSecure->Whonix set up.

Hey just a off-topic question, which host os are you using?


I am using windows and there seems no way I can securely use whonix on windows, I wish I had debian installed already but even if I install debian in an encrypted usb, the installation guides are not clear enough for a normal user to successfully run whonix on it.

If this is a question about Kicksecure, it is probably best directed at the Kicksecure forums.

But there is some Whonix documentation on changing MAC address.

Install Debian, then run the automatic Whonix installer for Linux. If you encouter any issues by then (first step is to install Debian, unrelated to Whonix), create a separate forum thread about the problem.


I think the link you shared will help, thanks a lot.
I tried to install debian in my usb from another bootable usb , installation was successful but every time after I booted from it, it didn’t detect my usb as a bootable device and once it did it gave error about mbr & gpt, eventually I tried doing it through virtualbox and it worked, now I will try using the instructions in link you shared, thanks.

Nested virtualization? → Nested Virtualization - Kicksecure

Nested virtualization? → Nested Virtualization - Kicksecure

Doh! Stupid Flanders. I listed my path incorrectly. Not nested. Should be:

KickSecure->KVM->Whonix (No option to edit my original post.)

I ended up just configuring the Kicksecure box with a static IP.