How secure is to use Debian installed on Virtualbox with Whonix Gateway?

If i have Debian 9 installed on Virtualbox and set to work with Whonix Gateway, and i install Tor browser how secure is to browse internet and connect through ssh to remote servers in comparison of using Whonix Workstation?

Why would you want to do that? Juste use the Workstation instead, it’s based on Debian already (Jessie). If you need 64 bits and/or Stretch, just use the Whonix-14 version.

This creates a Tor over Tor situation. Strongly disapproved of

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Anonymize Other Operating Systems

More differences:
links to differences between whonix workstation and others

Whonix 14 is not officially supported yet.

How to use Tor browser then with Debian on Virtualbox?