How Private are Ubuntu “Guest Sessions”?

Does logging out of an Ubuntu “guest session” remove all traces of any data in use during the session, such as files created, files opened, etc.? At first glance, the guest sessions seem like they would be quite anonymous with respect to traces of activity that could be recovered by someone else after you logged out of the session and shut down the PC.

Also, is it possible to install and use the Tor web browser during a guest session? If so, I assume you’d have to keep reinstalling it for use during any subsequent guest session? Would all traces of the Tor web browser application be removed and unrecoverable after you logged out (i.e. supposedly just like other data/files used during the session)?

What you are looking for can be done with TAILS. An installed OS is not amnesiac. You must enable disk encryption when installing. Also Ubuntu is the worst distro you could have gone with for privacy and user freedom.

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Adding to the very good reply by @HulaHoop, I’d like to mention a few more things. First of all, this is a question which would best be asked in a general Linux or one of the Ubuntu forums. Secondly, these Guest Sessions were never designed with extensive security protocols in mind so it stands to reason (though I’m only ASSUMING here) that they are likely to leave certain traces in the form of log files, etc.

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