How many chains are used in whonix?

How many chains are used in whonix? If I run the browser on workstation and have getway enabled.

Will there be 3 or 6 chains in the browser? I can change my getway identity in nyx but the ip address in the browser does not change.

same thing if i connect to ssh on workstatition (i installed the toolkit myself) the connection hangs when i connect, as soon as i reset the identity in getway - ssh does not drop out. i do not use ssh.anondist-orig.

and one more interesting question nyx shows traffic of both tor daemon and tor browser?

Why does Whonix ™ use Tor? chapter Multiple Server Hops in Whonix wiki

written just now:
Dev/anon-ws-disable-stacked-tor - Whonix chapter Introduction in Whonix wiki

Expected. Unspecific to Whonix. Same as if using Tor outside of Whonix.

Quote Why does Whonix ™ use Tor? chapter Route Randomization in Whonix wiki

A Tor circuit is usually used for 10 minutes before Tor automatically changes the Tor circuit. Long running connections that cannot be interrupted (such as the download of a big file or an IRC connection) however are running as long until these are completed.

Expected. See:
Control and Monitor Tor chapter New Identity and Tor Circuits in Whonix wiki

I recommend Generic Bug Reproduction. Meaning, try the same with Tor Browser connected to Tor or by sending signal newnym to the Tor which comes with the Tor Browser Bundle. The behavior will be the same.