How install Nymphemeral?

I saw your sites blog post about how awesome Nymphemeral is and tried to install but am having no success. Could someone please document this process?

Needed to install pip so wget
sudo python
sudo pip install nymphemeral

That loads the program fine but how do I make an icon for the program or add it to my Kickoff Application Launcher?

Also it says to change the mix configuration file in Mixmaster (Whonix) — nymphemeral 1.3.2 documentation

CHAIN ,,,,*
SMTPRELAY localhost

Will that mess up the regular mixmaster settings and cause issues since the current settings are:


Thanks. Any help to maintain the security and ensure the command line mixmaster keeps working are greatly appreciated.

Thanks you for trying Nymphemeral. The author Felipe Dau is still working on support for Whonix (and many other interesting features!). Everything seems to work when I followed the instructions from the manual. If you are finding problems please report it at Nymphemeral’s github page.