How easy and effective is it for a coordinated government operation to track down a single Tor circuit?

The conditions are such that a person uses Tor to conceal his or her Internet activity from a hostile government. The Tor circuit created by the Tor client uses all of the three relays in a bunch of countries that cooperate with one another in identifying the Tor user. Do you think it is an effective and time-efficient strategy for all of these countries to help each other in identifying the Tor user by only tracking down the Tor circuit path while they possess the metadata information about the traffic flow? This includes timing, traffic size, source IP-destination IP records. Governments can access the data either directly from Tor nodes, or from the ISPs they connect to. The Tor user is not under active surveillance, which means the government doesn’t take bigger measures to surveil this particular Tor user other than those that already exist due to global passive surveillance.

For example, a police identifies the Tor exit node that the Tor user’s traffic passed through. Then they will find the middle node located in another country, the entry guard in yet another country and finally the IP address of the Tor user which they can correlate with his or her real identity thanks to ISP giving services to him or her.

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