How do Tor and X connections work in qubes?

so I was reading up on the “Tips on Remaining Anonymous” page and found these rules

(Use Different Online Identities at the Same Time)

(Connect to a Server Anonymously and Non-anonymously at the Same Time)

(Use Clearnet and Tor at the Same Time)

in the context of qubes, do these rules/gidelines only apply when using one VM?

for example if I use clearnet with fedora in 1 vm and tor and whonix in another vm’s is my whonix vm compromised?

does (Use Different Online Identities at the Same Time) apply if each identity is in a separate whonix vm?

Nothing Qubes(-Whonix) specific about it.

Well, in Qubes the host doesn’t connect directly to the internet but that makes little difference here. Another VM connecting to clearnet vs the host connecting to clearnet makes no conceptual difference here.



These are best practices. Not every violation always leaks to instant compromise. It requires someone to look for it. It would be unrealistic to assume that a perfect implementation o all these best practices is done by all users all the time. There are public no reports of such attacks having been successfully used against users yet.