How do I set up Tor->VPN->Internet?

Hi folks! I am trying to set up a tor->vpn->Internet framework with the official tutorial from whonix wiki in whonix workstation vm. I am having couple problems here:

  1. The whonix workstaion vm lost all connections after I applied firewall settings.
  2. What is the difference between I directly execute openvpn vpn.ovpn and add socks-proxy 9050 into .ovpn file? Even if I got tunnel-link by-passed, only my Tor exit node IP will be visible instead of my real IP am I right(because of no direct connection to the public internet)?
  3. What else can I do if I am sharing the established tor->vpn connection to other vms from whonix workstation vm? The arch will be like this: 3rd vm->whonix workstation(vpn)->whonix gateway(tor)->internet
  4. Any recommendation about other vpn/proxy project for combine with tor and whonix? I am using openvpn.
    my environment: virtualbox
    Thank you!
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