How do I move files downloaded in TBB to /home/downloads?

I see the files in /home/.tb/tor-browser/browser/downloads,
however in the terminal there is no /home/.tb dir , is that some hidden dir, as I can’t reference it to mv the files , nor do I see a dolphin “move to” another dir drop down menu


Yes those are hidden files

ls -la

That command will list those files

ls -l /home/user/.tb/tor-browser

I think this is the command you are looking for

there must be some good reason for not using /home/user/Downloads?


there must be some good reason for not using /home/user/Downloads?


Tor Browser developers cannot set that folder by default because it may
not exist on the users system and because Tor Browser is supposed to be
portable, i.e. only writing into its application folder.

Tor Browser is portable, but Whonix is an operating system, where it
makes sense to use ~/Downloads.


I see the files in /home/.tb/tor-browser/browser/downloads,

Wrong folder. /home/user …


sorry, was a dumb question. I’m still relearning linux slowly

It wasn’t a dumb questions. Like you said, you are learning. :slight_smile:

mmmm, I may have to stop posting to this forum, unfortunately, if there is no user luser control ability IMHO hint

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