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How do i install I2P support with tor browser using Build

Hi All,

I hope you are all well.

I am new to whonix. Well, I have been using it about a year but just with simple stuff. Tor sites and GPA P2P encryption keys. Nothing major.

How i can install support for I2P on my Virtual Box VM WHONIX Build Version [A]: i am using?

Is there a new Virtual Box image i can download and use?

Again, i am a Noob. So inside of my Virtualbox it shows i have a Whonix gateway and then the Whoix workstation. I always boot the gateway first, then my workstation second, and everything works great with .onion (tor sites). No problems since i updated to this build…

Now, I just need to know how i can do the same for I2P sites using the same tor browser that comes with the Whonix workstation.?

I am using Whonix Build Version [A]:

Is there a new image or a guide i can follow to install I2P to work properly on Build Version [A]:

I do not mind if i have to update to a newer image to get it working.

Any help or advice would be great!!

Thanks in advance!!

would this help or work??

(I removed the .com after github)

I do not want to mess anything up so i want to confirm before i do anything to my virtual box with the whonix workstation image i am using along side the gateway image for whonix…

Or again, if there is a newer build version with I2P already enabled and configured to use I2P sites via the tor browser via a VirtualBox image - ill go down this route. that could work…Ill just backup what i need to and send it over to the new image.

Again, any help or advice would be very much Appreciated

Thank you i will check that out and let you know if i have any issues.