How do I delete saved data (cache, temp files, etc) from Whonix?

Hello, on my host machine, I use CCleaner. But I’ve been reading that using CCleaner will not clean the saved data from the VM’s (I’m using virtualbox). How can I securely delete these files from the VM’s? Can I use bleachbit on the VM? Any suggestions? Thanks.

Bleachbit will work on VMs. But that’s a lot of faith you’re putting in it to know all of your specific workflows.

Use full disk encryption:

Read this first:

Use Virtualbox snapshots:

Search Internet for “virtualbox snapshots” for more tutorials.

Thank you. I noticed VB has built in encryption tools to encrypt a VM. If I encrypt the VM’s, does this encrypt the portion of my host HDD where is stores the files for the VM? Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.

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