How do I change the passwords (like root password)? It wont let me log in as any

How do I change the passwords (like root password)? It wont let me log in as anyone? I just start the OS and it boots me into a GUI, but I cannot log out of it, nor can I log in as root. I type “logout” at the console but it does not log me out, it only pretends to. Is there a tutorial guide on the first steps that can teach me (not one that is on this website as they are vague or do not match what actually displays on my screen!). I checked YouTube and there is not a video of how to use Whonix!

Like for example, in the instructions found here Post-installation Security Advice it says “Log in as root” with “sudo su”. So where do I do this? What screen needs to be open for this text to mean something to the computer?

Whonix is based on the Debian Linux distribution, with the KDE desktop environment instead of Debian’s (default) Gnome desktop environment. So you can learn most of the basics of getting around the desktop by looking for learning materials about KDE, and you can learn to delve more deeply into the system by looking for learning materials about Debian.

You type the commands in a terminal window, which can be opened by double-clicking the square, black icon labelled “konsole.”

Do you know how I can get the Gateway to just boot up to a command line? I can at least make my way around a bit using the linux command line!

Try reducing the Gateway memory to 128 MB:

If you think, it uses too much RAM or generally prefer a terminal version of Whonix-Gateway, you can use reduce Whonix-Gateway's RAM to 128 MB and RAM Adjusted Desktop Starter will automagically boot into a terminal version of Whonix-Gateway.