How can I create an encrypted folder on the workstation?

I tried zulucrypt, but it seems to only encrypt specific files, not a whole volume or folder. Is this possible?

General Debian question. Free Support for Whonix ™ applies.

Zulucrypt uses “folders” actually called containers, that you mount and move standalone files in to. It is more flexible o use than zipping a directory and wrapping it up in GPG symmetric crypto.

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Thank you. I figured out how to create the container, but how do I add files to it? When I try to drag files to the container after mounting it, it doesn’t allow me to add files.
Am I doing something wrong?

Please take a look at the official use guide if you are confused and ask the dev for any further help:

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You can also using tomb files. They are compatible with zulucrypt.

Right, however the Tomb in Debian stable had blocker bugs that weren’t fixed by the time the freeze came around. Maybe they were included in a point release since.

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