Host offline, but guest has internet?

Noticed I couldnt access internet on my host, but my whonix guest has internet access just fine. Was wondering what the possible causes could be and whether this suggests a security concern? I thought vbox with NAT networking relied on the host adapter?

Seems to be a host connectivity problem. Please look for help on the relevant host system general support sites.

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Hi I don’t need help troubleshooting connectivity on the host as that was already fixed with a restart. Theres many forums like virtualbox, linux, networking, or distro this post could go on, and each forum would likely direct me to the others to ask this question. For instance, I could ask on the vbox forums, but they would be less familiar with the actual setup of whonix. So ignore the possible causes than: what could be the security concerns of a workstation getting internet when the host doesnt? Thanks!

I don’t see any as long as you don’t modify any VM settings on the host.
If Whonix-Workstation is started even while Whonix-Gateway is powered off / not even on the hard drive there is no risk of clearnet connections. Host internet working or not is irrelevant too.