Host Hostname question

When i’m using whonix, does tor entry guard knows my HOST hostname ?

It will know your IP if that is what you are asking.

I know that it will know my ip, but i’m trying understand how this thing works. Does tor entry guard will have my host or guest os hostname ?

Does having unique hostname on your HOST OS, is big anonymity or privacy problem when using whonix ?

I am not aware of your hostname leaking to the internet. But even if it
did, it would not break Tor.

If you are running lets say a webserver on that IP and the IP and
hostname is known to the public, then the Tor entry could run a reverse

You saying that hostname is is not transmitted too tor entry guard, or other servers on the internet ? It is visible for local network only then ?

Why whonix hostname is set to host ? If that’s not so important ?

Sorry for stupid questions, i can change my host hostame, but when i change it, i get errors in sudo, xserver and so on… Thank you for your time.

There is software that leaks hostnames to the internet. For example web servers. By setting it to host inside Whonix, should that happen for Whonix users, it reveals only them being a Whonix user at most. Does not leak a user specific name.

Hostname isn’t leaked to Tor entry guard. That would be outrageous.

Thanks for answers :slight_smile: