Host and Guest have same canvas fingerprint (firefox-esr)

Steps to reproduce:
Install fresh firefox-esr on Debian Host and on Whonix-Workstation.
Go to Canvas Fingerprinting - BrowserLeaks in Host and Guest with firefox-esr.
You can see that you get same fingerprint :confused:

I don’t modify anything on KVM, it was a surprie to see that fingerprint stays the same on Host and Guest.
Is there anything can be done to somehow isolate Guest OS more ?
Do you guys think this canvas fingerprint is huge issue for anonimty? I know that i suppose to use Tor Brower.
But sometimes i need not TorBrowser. Maybe Brave would be good, since it randomize fingerprint by default ?
Also this issues goes beyond web browser. The problem is that from Guest OS attacker can fingerprint Host OS.

It’s a problem. It’s bad. I am not aware of any solution, any virtualizers which specialize in anonymity/privacy which would be needed to mitigate this fingerprinting issue or anyone working on this.


Let’s hope that people who really need anonymity will be aware of this problem.

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