Hide whonix traffic with JonDo

In sys-net I installed a VPN and JonDo that is connected with sys-whonix and a disposableVM. If I open Firefox in disposableVM I see ip of my VPN, now my question is: does sys-whonix “log” ip of JonDo or it isn’t considered?


“Log” is the wrong verb. sys-whonix will certainly not automagically use
any daemons in sys-net that happens to provide a local socks port interface.

Manual configuration may be possible.

See the introduction:

And then specifically:

Most likely won’t work without JonDo premium account.
((( Combining Whonix ™ with JonDonym )))

Since you would need to configure Tor to connect to JonDo socks running


In torrc I have to delete all (there is also disable network 0) and write

Socks5Proxy host[:port]

with host (exit ip address of Jondo or like I have to setup an application?) and socks port, right?

No. Please say why this occurs to you - because that would be a bug we need to fix in documentation.

No exit IP. No WAN IP. A LAN IP.

IP of VM running JonDo
port number of local JonDo listener port

There are some line of description and at the end DisableNetwork 0
Added Socks5Proxy ipVM:Jondo port but Tor bootstrapping stops to 80%, I have reload Tor manually but doesn’t load browser page


Added in torrc
Socks5Proxy ipVM:Jondo port
ReachableAddresses ipVM:Jondo port

Changes in firewall (tor relay setting)
OR_PORT=jondo port

First time I changed just or port and tor connected, shutdown and restart but didn’t work anymore
"Tor bootstrap result
(tor circuit not established)
Please report this Whonix bug"

Then I changed also gateway allow… but stops always to 80%


Do you use JonDo premium? Otherwise no socks, no joy.

Can’t solve also with JonDo premium
Torrc is setup well with socks5 and reachableaddress
Maybe is there a firewall that blocks the bootstrap?

Unlikely because Tor runs under user debian-tor which is allowed to connect anywhere.

Try to remove Whonix from the equation for debugging purposes. Try replicate this setup with an AppVM running Tor trying to connect to JonDo in sys-net or so.

Tried with Tor in an AppVM connected to VM where run Jondo

Problem bootstrapping. Stuck at 80%:Connecting to the Tor network. (No route to host; NOROUTE; count 3; recommendation warn; host A705AD4591E7B4708FA2CAC3D53E81962F3E6F6 at
2 connection have failed
2 connection died in state connect()ing with SSL state (No SSL subject)
The connection to the SOCKS5 proxy server at “ipVM”:4001 just failed. Make sure that the proxy server is up and running

When I insert also ReachableAddresses

No available nodes when trying to choose node. Failing
Failed to find node for hop 0 of our path. Discarding this

So we have identified it’s not a Whonix problem. Now you simplified your setup a lot. You can now make use of the Qubes and JonDo help resources for more input on the topic. Please keep us posted.

Once you figured that out, it should be simple to replicate this with Whonix.

Hi Patrick
In privacy policy of Jondo there is written

the visited webpage (URL)
browser type / browser version
operating system
referrer URL (the site visited before)
time of the server request

Do you recommend to setup an account over tor? Or with a VPN over tor?

Thank you

I am not a fan of accounts anyhow. Anonymity and money does not easily mix.


To sum up, personally I’d avoid any accounts whenever possible more so when money is involved.

Refer to this very chapter:
Combining Tunnels with Tor