Hidden War on GPL

This is mini educational thread about how users and developers should be aware when dealing with evil megacorp companies:

GPL went into big enemies , and of course enemies like Microsoft :

“Free software,” like free societies, has its enemies. Microsoft has waged a war against the GPL, warning whoever will listen that the GPL is a “dangerous” license.

Reference: Free Software, Free Society (fsfs3) page 8

Also Dr.RMS mentioned that again in 2004:

Richard Stallman, Free Software Lecture, Australian National University, 2004

Apple another major enemy to GNU GPL:

Reclaim your freedom with free libre software now - Richard Stallman of Free Software Movement

Another enemy i want to add which is Google. Its common that Google using a GPL license software called Linux Kernel in their android products (Though John Sullivan, Executive Director of FSF in an Interview with Bryan Lunduke in 2017 said: “There are rumors about Google waning to change the kernel on android, There is another Google Kernel Project Fuchsia

Reference: John Sullivan, Executive Director of the Free Software Foundation - Recorded at LinuxFest NW, 2017)

BSD,Apache,MIT…etc they have the common vulnerability which is anyone can take the code and close its source without benefiting the developer and/or the community. Which GPL has a good protection against that and/or any Copyleft license as well.

Good examples of evil companies used this method to its favor are:

This is just small scrape , if anyone have more evidences and willing to add it them, thats will be great as well.