Hidden Services doesn't work

Hello. I’m trying to create TOR hidden service with Whonix Gateway + Whonix Workstation like there:
valyxp . wordpress . com /2020/07/09/how-to-host-hidden-services-on-tor-using-whonix/
or like there
www. whonix . org /wiki/Onion_Services
But totally it doesn’t work:

  • TOR link doesn’t open with TOR Browser
  • trying do “curl” with onion hostname and got “Tying…” inifinity waiting
  • trying do “curl http : / / /” and got Connection refused.

Have tried make iptables – flush + tcpdump port 80 on “workstation” and run “curl http : / / /” => have infinity wainting and nothing in tcpdump logs. wtf ? what should i do ? help me plz, mans, thanks much! Good day!

Can you setup a Tor onion service without Whonix? That’s a useful skill to master before attempting the same on Whonix.

See also:

of course ) all worked ok +++
tell me plz pack of questions/tests what u need to get info, i will do it, i want to resolve this case


resolved, thanks much!

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