Hidden service unreachable 60+ duplicates showing in control arm.

I am testing my own hidden service, I have noticed multiple times a day my service becomes unreachable and every time I check on my gateway control arm I see this message

[NOTICE] New control connection opened. [65 duplicates hidden]

Sometimes 100 plus open it’s happening at least once per day sometimes multiple. I then opened the tor conf file and # all hidden service details restarted the gateway and it still happens.

Any reason why this is happening or is there a way to stop it?

Probably issues caused by Tor, not Whonix. Therefore can only be debugged through Tor Generic Bug Reproduction.

Unrelated. You could have found this on search engines. Search term:

site:whonix.org [NOTICE] New control connection opened.

Control and Monitor Tor chapter Nyx FAQ in Whonix wiki