Hidden_Service Server Desire HTTPS/SSL

I successfully have running ircd-hybrid 8.2.22 thru Tor Hidden Service on non-Qubes Whonix latest version 1-2018. I connect using Hexchat client from another Whonix install on separate PC. Very pleasing. The Hexchat connects settings: via settings>preferences>network in clint as10.152.152.10 9150, (although the Hidden Service is on HSPort torrc on Gateway of course) All is well with that foo.onion HTTP.
I am sorting out possibility of SSL so installed self-signed CA certificate of foo.onion and hashes into Gateway and Work Station and ircd config. ; although I am confused if I need that both places. Having trouble getting the ircd to listen to the HTTPS. Confusing as Workstation has local addresses similar to what Gateway listens to. I wonder if HSPort value designation matters: XX or what choices I have for HTTPS? Also if CA certs need to be in both places. My Hexchat client going outward works well oc thru HTTPS/SSL to a different foo.onion irc. I am a novice on a steep learning curve so may have some of this wrong. I was reading about SSH port jumping but with a hidden Service i thought all that was taken care of and didnt need to adjust Workstation firewall which I dont even know how to modify yet.

Reksle (still smiling I got it to work HTTP)

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