Hidden Service Laravel, dont work..?


I have installed on the Whonix-Workstation in the “var/www/html” folder 2 Laravel Projects with LAMP Server.

No i want connect my 2 Projects (2 Folders in html folder) to an onion domain. Dont work?

I have generate the Onion Domain in Whonix-Gateway and i can connect to it also in Workstation/Tor Browser but it comes only the index.html from html folder. If i enter behind the ONION Url for example my Laravel 5 Project folders i see only the files.

Now the Question, how can i generate an ONION URL for each Project and change the HiddenServiceDir to my Laravel Projects with the Laravel view not just folders and files?

Many Thanks, its very importent for me.

This could be sorted out as per Free Support for Whonix ™.