Hidden service cloudflare whonix issue

Hi lets assume I am running an web application through my Whonix Workstation, the application pulls some data from a clearnet website to display on my hidden service.

The issue I am having is the data won’t show and I think it’s due to the website been protected by cloudflare were you have to select numbers or rivers to enter the website, so the data is not been pulled and displayed on my website.

On my tetsnet which is not running Whonix it will pull the data straight away so I can only assume the issue I stated above is causing the block.

Is there going to be any kind of work around I can do?

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Non which wouldn’t jeopardize security, as far as I can tell. You could in theory use a VPN in between the connection, though that would a) destroy the main draw of having a hidden service and b) probably not help anyways, as most VPNs get blocked by CF as well.

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Unless the VPN assigns a private IP. (one not shared with other customers)

Or buy a VPS.

I could buy a VPS. How would i go about setting it up after that though, I have confirmed that it is 100% cloudflare blocking the page.

It’s bitcoin conversion rates that I want to show, so when one of my pages is trying to pull the data it won’t show up as cloudflare is blocking tor.

Is there anyway I can allow a single webpage on my workstation to pull data without been blocked by tor, I know the way Whonix is designed this probably is not possible but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Qubes qrexec, qvm-run comes to mind, but it would be a great danger for anonymity.


I think this guide could be very helpful for you: http://dbshmc5frbchaum2.onion/OpenVPN-Onion-VPS.html.

You may also consider a source that does not use cloudflare (admittedly difficult), or use a source with an api key. Some allow api access with a key (either by purchase or signup with email) to bypass cloudflare.

Thank you for the info I will look into that today.