Hexchat downloads?

Trying to receive a zip file from irc but some reason it tries to open the zip file in the tor browser. Im guessing its some hardening in hexchat but I dont know what setting to change? Would really like some help if possible!

All hexchat settings can be found here:

[1] ^ These files are very descriptive. Read the comments starting with ## to learn what is changed and how to manually do this.

Perhaps this requires CTCP which is not enabled by anon-apps-config default:

Perhaps this requires CTCP which is ignored by anon-apps-config default:

To reset to HexChat upstream defaults (not using anything configuration by anon-apps-config) run the following command. Warning: this would delete all HexChat settings, chat logs, whatnot.

rm -r /home/user/.config/hexchat

You can then re-apply any hardening as per [1] as desired.

HexChat might have a feature to open some files in default browser which in Whonix is Tor Browser. This is not a setting by anon-apps-config.

I don’t know if IRC file transfer is functional over Tor. DCC active/passive might require open ports which aren’t easy to set up over Tor.

Having explained the Whonix specific part, beyond that point I probably won’t be able to help. I suggest resolving any remaining issue as per:

Try setting the default application to the archive manager program (once the file is already downloaded to your desktop)

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@Patrick Thanks moving .config/hexchat fixed it! I ccan click the links to open the downloader in hexchat. I thinks the downloads happen peer to peer in hexchat

@hulahoop thanks, it appears starting a new hexchat config fixed thigs

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