Help with Tails signing key verification

Please help me verify the Tails signing key. Without having access to the web of trust, I’m trying to collect fingerprint data from multiple sources to be more certain that I’ve downloaded the authentic key from the Tails website. If you have it in your keyring, would you please paste the data about it from the output of this command:

$ gpg --with-fingerprint --with-subkey-fingerprints --list-keys

That would allow me to gain some trust in it by comparing the primary and all subkey fingerprints with the ones from the key I’ve got.

If you don’t have it in your keyring, would you please download it from https://tails.boum.org and use the same command, changing --list-keys with [path to key file] and pasting its output instead. That would still be helpful. Thanks to all who help!

Might have more luck here?



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