Help with laptop?

I just looked at the Qubes hardware compatibility list but unfortunately most of the laptops listed there can’t be bought brand new or cost way too much like over 1K. I thought that a brand new laptop would be more secure in the following way. Let’s say they manage to break Qubes and Whonix’s security and to infect a malware in the laptop, in this case they would learn everything about the laptop. If the laptop is a brand new one bought with cash, they wouldn’t learn much about it but if it’s an used one bought online, it would be a bit easier to trace the buyer since he/she would use a debit card to buy it. Is my thought right or am I missing something?

Hi Samuelito

If there is a paper trail it could be linked back to you. However, if
the Whonix and/or Qubes security model was broken it wouldn’t matter
much since your external IP address would be exposed.

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