Help with a corridor?

Hello everyone, a very kind fellow member of this forum mentioned me about corridors and provided me a link. Unfortunately I won’t be able to read the whole link before Easter Day so I’m asking you guys, who I hope know about these corridors. In a nutshell, what does a corridor do when used in addition to Qubes and Whonix?


Hi Samuelito

As I mentioned in my email reply we don’t mind helping out when someone asks. Actually we enjoy helping our community very much. However, we encourage users to put the the work to find answers to their questions before asking for help. This is for good reason.

  1. If you get good at finding your own answers, you wont have to wait for a reply.
  2. The answer might not be known to anyone. (no reply coming)
  3. Many times, in the search for answers you will find answers to questions you never thought to ask. (seriously!)
  4. Your knowledge base will grow exponentially compared to only asking for the answers.

Please follow the links I provided in my emails. (the same ones nurmagoz provided). Use your holiday time to install Whonix and play with it while read through the wiki a little bit at the time.

This question can be answered as per the:


Thank you for the links.

I apologise if I didn’t say thank you on the email, I was just busy with work. Yes, I will take the time to read the links you provided during the Easter time but since I was being very impatient to start learning about the corridor, I just wanted an experienced user to just explain in a nutshell what it does so that I could put my mind at ease before having the time of reading the links.