Help Wanted [KVM users]: Biometrics Fingerprinting Testing

Behavioral biometrics allow a site to identify a user by the way they type:

Help us investigate how well the hypervisor protects against biometric fingerprinting by trying these demos under different setups and reporting back the results. We want to simulate the tests to be as close to real conditions as possible so run all these demos in Iceweasel in all environments because Tor Browser has some defenses but they won’t help if an attacker has taken over the workstation vm.

Type normally as you would to not affect results. Two separate machines are preferred for some extra tests but not necessary.

Keyboard demos:

Mouse demos:

  • Test 1: run all demos in Whonix workstation vs host
  • Test 2: remove the virtual tablet device from the workstation virt-manager settings then run the mouse demo only in workstation vs host.
  • Test 3: all demos in Whonix workstation vs vanilla Debian Jessie guest
  • Test 4: all demos on host machine 1 vs host machine 2

Can we see the source for those keyboard and mouse demos?

Not that I know of. Most of this technology is proprietary and marketed to banks and advertising companies. At least those demos are publicly available.

This is a good test:

  • no need to register
  • the user name / password entry is just to record / detect your typing pattern