Help needed! Socks5 on Whonix

Hello everyone,

For some reason, my Socks5(VIP72 + proxifier) is not working on Whonix.

No matter what browser I use(Fire fox/ tor), I cannot set the ip to desired location.

It always follows TOR’s setting, and NO traffic goes through proxifier.

Is there anyway I can route things through socks5 and proxifier on whonix?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks

Saw related documentation already?

What socksifier? Why not use rather use proxy settings method?

Hello Patrick,

Thanks for the reply.

I read the documents and installed proxychain. I can bring up the config interface, but I just do not

know how to chain it with VIP72 and my browsers.

The content is very confusing to me, can you please help me with that?

BTW: Do you know the path to the file TOR.EXE?

Thank you very much, this is so frustrating.

Patrick, thanks for your help, I successfully configured proxychain.

It now works on other browsers.

However, when I changed the Tor’s proxy port, it disabled tor.

Does that mean I cannot chains socks5 with Tor?

Thanks for the replies, any help is appreciated

The workstation cannot disable Tor.*

Could be this bug:

*[Nitpick: using non-exploit methods.]

I had the same problems. Could use proxychains with vip72 app but just using iceweasel, not TOR
But at the end iceweasel on the workstation will go through TOR. I know I am not protected as using TOR but for me it’s ok.
Did you figure out how to use TOR and VIP72 on whonix?

I found also that proxychains is extremely slow.
I tried on iceweasel to change the network settings and inside iceweasel I just used vip72 ports, id est port 9951.

I think that with this configuration is just using proxychains. I will have this configuration:

TOR on gateway > iceweasel on Workstation > socks5

is it correct?
this is 10 times faster compared to proxychains method