Help me with Parallels Desktop 19 Pro and Whonix 17

[INFO] [systemcheck] Tor Connection Result:
- Connecting for 20 seconds. | 5 % done.
Tor Circuit: not established.
• Tor reports: HARN BOOTSTRAP PROGRESS=S TAG=COn SUMMARY="Connect ing to a relay" HARNING= "No route to host" REASON=NOROUTE COUN T=20 RECOMMENDATION=warn HOSTID="94318CC2299A3826081899E823C25A2B7D6BIFFE HOSTADDR="'
• Timesync status: not done
studate reports: Preparation not done yet. More more information,
see: sdudate-gui -> right click -› Open sdudate'
s log
onion-time-pre-script reports:
### START: ### /us/libexec/helper-scripts/onion-time-pre-script
Status: Subsequent run after boot.
Static Time Sanity Check: Within minimum time 'Mon Jun 12 00:00:00 UTC 2023' and expirat lon timestamp 'Tue May 17 10:00:00 UT
C 2033', ok.
Tor reports: HARN 800TSTRAP PROGRESS=5 TAG=conn SUMMARY="Connecting to a relay WARNING="No route to host" REASON=NOROUTE COU NT=20 RECOMMENDATION=warn HOSTID=94318CC2299A3826081899E023C25A2870681FFE" HOSTADOR=*
Tor circuit: not established
Tor Consensus Time Sanity Check: Clock within consensus parameters consensus/valid-after 2023-09-08 21:00:00 and consensus/va
Üld-until 2023-09-09 09:09:00.
Conclusion: No Tor circuit established yet.
### END: ### Exiting with exit_cody indicating 'wait, show busy icon and retry.

Hello, I was using Whonix version 13, today it stopped working on Parallels Desktop, I decided to upgrade and put version 17. As a result, after connecting I get this error as on the code above.

The most interesting thing is that I installed on mac os - virtual box and vmware fusion and everything works fine there, but I need parallels.

I downloaded the CLI .ova, imported it into Virtual Box, then from there I exported Whonix-Gateway.ova with 1.0 (because with 0.9 and 2.0 when converting in ovftool I get an error).

Then I exported it to .vmx using ovftool.
Then I imported to Parallels, configured the network. And when configuring Whonix-Gateway itself I get an error like on the code above. How to fix it ? I spent a day and couldn’t solve the problem.

Parallels is unsupported.

And since it’s closed source, it’s even a declined feature.

List of supported virtualizers: